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financial security through sustainable planning

Two good reasons to make sure your insurance is working for you:

  1. Insurance Premiums are better to remain in your pocket than the insurance company.
  2. Most life Insurance policies have not been set up with a sustainable future.

Talk to us about how you can have sustainable insurance that works for you.

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6-Step Advice Process

The 6-Step Advice Process is a proven and carefully structured analysis of your current situation, and future aspirations.

This process allows us to identify potential risks and to deliver the best advice.

Let's establish our relationship and get to know each other:

  1. At our initial meeting, we will provide you with a disclosure statement, discuss what you are looking for, and agree on areas of advice requested. Establish scope of service and terms of our engagement with you.
  2. Learn about your needs, goals, and your expectations. We do this by asking questions and making written notes.
  3. Analysis and evaluation of your financial position, potential problems and opportunities, and the extent to which your goals, needs and priorities can be met under the current circumstances, discuss personal and business insurance plans, estate planning, and your savings needs.
  4. Develop and present tailored recommendations to you.
  5. Implement the recommendations and oversee the commencement of your plan.
  6. Regular monitoring of your plan and discussions with you to ensure that your plan still meets your requirements.

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Don't let this be the story of your life....

Age 21 to 30 ….. I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I'm young. There is plenty of time. Wait until I start making a little more. Then I’ll save.

Age 30 to 45 ….. I CAN’T SAVE NOW. I've a growing family on my hands. It takes all I make to keep them going. As soon as they are a little older, it'll cost less. Then I'll save.

Age 45 to 55 ….. I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I have two children in college. It's all I can do to pay their expenses. I can't save a penny. Wait until they're out of college and on their own – then I can really 'stash it away'.

Age 55 to 65 ….. I CAN'T SAVE NOW. I know I should. But things aren't breaking like they were. It's not easy for a man of my age to step out and get a better job. Maybe something will break later.

Age 65 ….. I CAN’T SAVE NOW. We're living with my son and his wife. My Superannuation doesn’t go far. I wish I had stated saving years ago, but I never had the chance. I can’t save now – there’s no income.