"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Your success in business and in life is determined by your attitude and your actions.
In many cases it costs more to do nothing, than it does to do something."

Robbie Schneider

New Legislation for Financial Advisors

You can have more confidence in financial advisers because they must now, by law, put your interests first. Succession First has one Authorised Financial Advisor - Robbie Schneider FSP 106841.

Legislation that regulates Financial Advisors in New Zealand

Robbie Schneider is also a member of FDR - Financial Disputes Resolution Disputes Resolution Scheme.


Succession First has been advising Motor Doctors on insurance matters for over 7 years. We feel safe our business interests are protected with both the correct insurance and succession plans, and in our current buy/sell agreement. Robbie has managed the whole process for us which has enabled us to continue on with looking after our own clients as our priority.

We believe a sound Succession plan not only protects our business interests, but also increases the value of our business to future buyers.


Robbie has been a trusted advisor for many years now. In the past I have sometimes felt uneasy with being pushed into certain products without being made aware of all options.

Robbie has always been an honest advisor and gone out of his way to understand my circumstances and has always found a range of products to suite. He is thorough and diligent - that's why I will always recommend him.

John Klaphake